Fence Gallery

The 'Capture Outside the Lines' Fence Gallery started in the Summer of 2020, when the Cultural Arts Council Douglasville | Douglas County (CAC) was forced to close its doors during the pandemic. The Fence Gallery was created as a way to get art out into the public for everyone to enjoy.

The purpose of public art is not only to enrich the community, but to improve our quality of life through its ability to enrich an environment. It also ignites the imagination, encourages thought and prompts discourse. Public art benefits the community through placemaking, bringing people together and can be used as a tool in economic development. Public art can also strengthen personal connections to one’s community.

The 'Capture Outside the Lines' Fence Gallery is a way to give back to the community by providing something unexpected in their day. With this outdoor exhibition, the public gets to experience the town and its cultural institutions and businesses through a walk through Hunter Park (8830 Gurley Road, Douglasville, GA 30134) and O'Neal Plaza (6700 Church Street, Douglasville, GA 30134). 


Artists on Display:

Crystal Berry - CAC, Downtown Douglasville

Lauren Burden - Douglas County Courthouse

Glen Clark

Ann Cockerill

Karen Cox - Sweetwater Creek State Park

Michelle Crist - Foxhall Resort, Old Douglas County Jail

Nicolette Dunn - Dog River Reservoir

LaQuintera Hill - Dog River, Sweetwater Creek State Park, Woodie Fite Senior Center

Dawn Horrex - Arbor Place Mall

Tracie Joyner

Terrie Moultrie

Janet Newton - Arbor Place Mall, Champ's Clock Shop, Foxhall Resort, Hunter Park, Sweetwater Creek State Park

Stella Spyrou - Boundary Waters Aquatic Center, Clinton Nature Preserve, Sweetwater Creek State Park

Glenn Taylor - Sweetwater Creek State Park

Diane Yancey - CAC, Champ's Clock Shop, Dog River, Douglas County Museum of History & Art, Hudson's by the Lake, Sweetwater Creek State Park

**Known locations of artist's work is listed beside the respective artist's name.

If you'd like for your submission to be included in the next rotation of the 'Capture Outside the Lines' Fence Gallery, e-mail powersp@douglasvillega.gov.